Irrigation services

Installation of new irrigation systems

Need irrigation solutions?  The installation of your new irrigation system is better left to the professionals. It doesn't matter what the conditions are like on your property, we will offer you the best advice and service from start to finish. Over a period of more than 22 years we have definitely proven ourselves to be the irrigation specialists fit to do the job for you!

Repairing of existing irrigation systems

Everything needs a bit of maintenance or looking after every now and then. When it comes to anything irrigation, Pretoria irrigation is the place to go to. From the replacing of spray heads to pipes and controllers, we will complete the job in no time and at the most affordable rate.

Irrigation system upgrades

Thinking about changing your garden or property a bit? Or maybe you simply don’t have time to switch your manual irrigation system on and off again. This is the perfect time to give Pretoria irrigation a call. We will advise you on the best irrigation upgrade solutions for your needs at the most affordable rates.

Automated irrigation systems

Automated irrigation systems are very convenient for those individuals who work late or simply don’t have the time to manually turn on their irrigation systems as they can be programmed to provide the desired section of your property with water at the time and duration carefully based on the type of plants you have and season we are in.

Manual irrigation systems

This is an irrigation system that has to be controlled manually; it is very effective and can be tailor made to suit your needs with individual lines to control certain sections of your garden.

Irrigation systems planning to suit your unique needs

Planning, the key to success in everything we do in life. Every client has unique needs, therefore proper planning of every irrigation solution is absolutely vital. Optimal functionality of your irrigation system and a beautiful garden will be the result of thorough planning.

Professional site inspections are done to enhance our service quality and efficiency

In order for us to advise you on the perfect irrigation solutions, products and strategies for your garden or property, we need to do a detailed site inspection. Plant growth, ground contours and garden size are just some of the factors to keep in mind when choosing the perfect irrigation solution for your property. And last but not least. In order for us to offer you an accurate and affordable quotation, a site inspection is absolutely necessary.

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